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CBD FAQ's & Questions

  • Can your products get you “high” and are they legal?
No. All of our products use CBD derived from 100% Industrial Hemp with ZERO 
  • Does BSBE provide an individual CBD analysis for each product?
We are currently in the process of having each of our products individually tested for CBD content. Our first product roll-out will be early Spring 2022.
  • Are BSBE products registered with the Louisiana Dept. of Health?
Yes! Our products are registered and are legally compliant to be on store shelves in Louisiana. Check us out on this list under our official company name, Perceptual Bliss LLC
  • Can BSBE fulfill large or bulk orders?
 Yes! Please email us at for inquiries.
  • What are Topicals?
Topicals refer to lotions, oils, and balms infused with cannabis that are applied and absorbed through the skin for localized relief for a multitude of issues. 
  • How is CBD beneficial in Beauty & Skincare?
- CBD & Beauty have been a hot topic in skincare for the last few years and for good reasons. Phytocannabinoids, are known anti-inflammatories, with antioxidant & anti-aging properties!