Hi! I'm the Owner!

Thanks for checking out BSBE. This small business grew from an idea, to a dream, to my current reality and I am so humbled that you have chosen to take this journey with me. I started this company as a way to help manage my own anxieties after being diagnosed with a mental illness but over the last couple of years it has allowed me to grow and flourish as an entrepreneur and as a woman.
Our mission at BSBE is to provide premium & affordable CBD bath & body products that relieve stress and anxiety, and provide maximum relaxation.
Our goal is to spread the goodness around and introduce CBD to individuals and communities who may have little knowledge about this component of the cannabis plant. In many communities of color, especially among the older generations, cannabis, in ANY form, is still extremely taboo. At BSBE we aim to reintroduce cannabis through CBD and teach that there is no shame in using the plant for pain, stress, and anxiety relief. 
Born & raised in NOLA, my company is the first Black woman owned CBD brand in the city!