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Ingredients & Benefits

Here’s some of our common ingredients!
Coconut Oil:
Coconut oil has been used for its health benefits for thousands of years. The fatty acids (caprylic & lauric) it contains reduce internal and external inflammation and its full of many antioxidants to heal broken skin. It also improves immunity because it contains antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Coconut oil effectively moisturizes the driest skin without any side effects and it is used to treat various skin conditions including eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis.
Hemp Seed Oil:
Hemp seed oil is super rich in omega-6 fatty acids which help to reduce redness, swelling, irritation, and skin inflammation. The lipids found in hemp oil are complementary to the ones found in our skin which increases elasticity and makes it a great moisturizer. Hemp seed oil is also a powerful antioxidant that contains Vitamin D which helps develop smooth & soft skin.
Honey is a naturally powerful antioxidant that promotes wound healing and is used to treat both internal and external infections. Honey is also great for acne treatment & prevention because of its antibacterial properties.
Beeswax has soooo many great qualities! On the skin, it holds in moisture, reducing dryness, and it forms a barrier that protects the skin from damage. It doesn't clog pores, or suffocate the skin and it’s a humectant so it attracts water keeping up hydration. Beeswax is a good source of Vitamin A so it’s great for brightening up your glow during exfoliation and it’s also great so soothing temporary itching because of the awesome anti-allergenic properties.
Vitamin E: 
Is an antioxidant that reduces sun damage, helps thwart UV-induced damage, can decrease DNA damage and lessen the redness and swelling of a burn. It can help reduce the appearance of scars and it helps to soften skin. Free radicals also make it harder for scars to heal; try applying vitamin E oil to diminish more permanent marks.
Kokum butter:
kokum naturally nourishes the skin and protects against dryness and the cruel signs of aging that speeds up during exposure to the sun and natural toxins. The kokum tree is native to India and the butter is extracted directly from the fruit bloomed for its healing properties that go far beyond the realm of beauty. It's been used to fight infections, unpleasant digestive disorders, and has even been used to relieve pain from arthritis. (
Cocoa butter:
Cocoa Butter is a rich natural fat derived from the cacao beans contained inside the pods of the Cocoa/Cacao Tree. Used topically, Cocoa Butter melts at body temperature and works to naturally soothe dry, sensitive skin while reducing and preventing the appearance of scars and unwanted marks. It is believed to have photo-protective properties that protect against harmful UV radiation.(
Shea butter:
Shea butter is anti-inflammatory and has many benefits for the skin. It has a high concentration of fatty acids and natural vitamins A, E, & F which make it super moisturizing and nourishing for the skin. Shea butter also promotes the development of collagen which restores skin elasticity.
Mango butter:
Mango Butter is a rich natural fat derived from the seeds contained inside the pits of the Mango fruit. Traditionally, Mango Butter was believed to have the ability to strengthen the heart, improve brain activity, and increase the body’s immunity.Used topically, Mango Butter’s long-lasting emollience nourishes skin and boosts its elasticity as well as its suppleness, thereby making skin look smoother and firmer.(
Essential oils:
Essential oils are highly concentrated versions of the natural oils found in plants. They contain the plants natural fragrance & healing characteristics.