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Cypress + Mint + Lemon Eucalyptus Bath Tea [Clarity + Cleansing]

Cypress + Mint + Lemon Eucalyptus Bath Tea [Clarity + Cleansing]

Blissful Stoner Body Essentials

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Are you ready for the most relaxing cannabis infused bath ever? Put that bland Epsom salt back on the shelf and spice it up a bit...

Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil has amazing therapeutic qualities, soothing muscles & even helping to relieve joint pains. It also can help to regulate blood flow, an extra quality of the stress relieving cypress essential oil as well. Combined with CBD, magical things happen so prepare to soak your limbs into paradise.

CBD is the cherry on top and it's amazing benefits include reducing inflammation & muscle soreness, and helping send the body into the ultimate relaxing state...

Try it for yourself.

Directions: Add directly to your bath for a floral experience or place in bath tea bag and drop it in the tub under the running hot water in order to dissolve the bath salts!

P.S...this is a LARGE 16 oz tub! Good for 2-5 baths, depending on how relaxed you want to be.

Soak & enjoy.